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Since 1994, James V. Coane & Associates, Architects in Pasadena, Ca. has specialized in custom residences, residential estates, historic renovations and expansions, residential and apartment interiors, in addition to occasional multi-family residential, corporate interiors, retail, and medium to small commercial building design. While primarily working in the Pasadena and West Los Angeles areas, their body of current and completed projects stretches to Santa Barbara, Montecito, Newport Beach, Aspen, and Beijing. Honored with an American Institute of Architects award, their projects have been in Architectural Digest, L.A. Architect, the Los Angeles Times and Kitchen Trends. Several projects have been used as locations for television and movie filming as well as fashion and advertising photography. The firm is well versed in and appreciative of historical and modern architecture and design, and is known for its attention to intimate exterior and interior detail on every project. 626-584-6922